TheFederation is a faction run by Federalists, it is a true Federalist Government with a capital and many plans to expand. Their main battleship is known as the "War Boi". The current President of TheFederation is its founder, __spoons__.

TheFederation currently has four cities. The cities are (founded in respective order) The Capital, Split Rock City, Woodmere City, and Andorhal.

War with Respublica Edit

TheFederation is currently at war with Respublica for political reasons. Republicans and Federalists don't particularly like each other. The war is also a fight for power, TheFederation strives to take Respublica's place as the top faction in the server, their belief is that it is time for a new era of power. As of April 2018:

The War has ended and TheFederation is now the powerful faction known as Lordaeron with their closest ally being Respublica.

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