Introduction Edit

SwiftLock is a long-term player of DivinityCraft and a member of it's staff team as magistrate.

He joined in March 2015 during the third era as a member of the faction Ionica. As soon as he joined the faction, he and his faction members were getting attacked by Valkryie to be exact, Lewis2, Seancfc123 and Results (Kastow's alt). SwiftLock was confident and he went wanted to fight but he didn't know about the fighting system and got destroyed by Valkryie. He proceeded to challenge Lewis2 in a one versus one and he won most of the fights. Lewis2 thought that SwiftLock was decent and he recruited him to Valkryie. When he joined Valkryie he was given god armor and tools. He was already assigned to his first battle against the faction he started off with. After a few weeks even more attacks were launched (mostly against Istari) and he was getting known in Divinity. Then it happened, he was told stories about Lordaeron,The Union,Kastow and he wanted to fight against Lordaeron. After a month he joined AshFord when he met Rudytudy14 and they together fought side by side in many many raids against Lordaeron. A few months passed and SwiftLock decided he wanted to go solo. He started his own faction and it remained like that for a week. But then he needed more land and more power. He saw Donairian and seized the opportunity and asked to merge. Donairian accepted as he needed more power as well. The faction was known as Rachival. Rachival merged with even more factions and it was becoming a big faction with SwiftLock as the leader. Rachival became an empire with 54 members. SwiftLock started war with Lordaeron but an officer that worked for Lordaeron betrayed Rachival and unclaim all it's land and took some of the bases. This didn't stop Rachival but it angered SwiftLock. After weeks of defending and attacking SwiftLock threatened that DivinityCraft will go down and vanish. He also hacked and was caught. He was banned in June 2016. He was unbanned after the reset and created a faction known as Elysion. He then tried to make another empire and renamed the faction Venomir. Venomir grew to 24 members but they started being inactive and it crumbled. SwiftLock left to create yet another faction known as VMS (currently the faction he is in) and it reached to 17 members but then again it crumbled and now VMS has 9 members. SwiftLock is currently working on a project along with some members of his.