Introduction Edit

In the waning days of the First Great War, Lordaeron and its allies saw themselves tending to cleanup duty. Of the few stragglers who remained on the opposing side, they set their eyes upon Albatross, a prominent ally of YOBA.

Battle at Albatross Edit

A large force of around 15 players from Lordaeron, EGA, and Revelation gathered to set sail to Albatross's base of operations. Once there they quickly forced ItaliaMatt1999 and his comrades underground, where they would hide out, taking pot shots at their enemies members outside. They would frequently sneak out utilizing invisibility potions to chance their luck at picking off an enemy player. Eventually realizing their predicament Albatross retreated back underground, resulting in a stalemate. Remaining members would then camp out for a little while longer, slowly leaving until all had left.