Introduction Edit

Following the resurgence of Niknakjsb123, A friendship was formed between Geko96, ducksrus9 and Niknakjsb123, which slowly led to Niknak's joining into Aeternum. Niknakjsb123 soon felt rebellious towards the mistreatment of the bureaucratic leaders of Aeternum. This resulted in his passing of word to Geko96 suggesting the possible withdrawal and independence of Respublica from Aeternum. After little persuasion, Geko96, ducksrus9 and Niknakjsb123 reformed Respublica with Geko96 being the Imperator and ducksrus9 alongside Niknakjsb123 becoming Consuls. Many of the Respublican players (from before the merger) also went along with Respublica.

After the withdrawal of Respublica from Aeternum, the former empires faction power declined into the negatives, leaving their land claimable and grief-able. Resulting in the collapse of Aeternum and the creation of Divinity's new only super power.