Introduction Edit

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A close-up of the faction's banner. It represents one of the Village's mushrooms against a clear blue sky.

Mushroom is a relatively minor faction of the Fourth Era. As its name implies, the environment of its main settlement, the Mushroom Village, is dominated by enormous mushrooms. These impressive structures are far beyond the size of the giant mushrooms you might find in a vanilla world. By following them out and fitting them with interiors, the naturally occurring shrooms have been turned into efficient housing, both pleasing to the eye and easy to construct. Although the faction considers itself to be peacefully, it has shown to not be afraid of fighting defensive conflicts; it is currently led by its founder, RoboRik, and as of now has no officers.

Mushroom is notable for hosting one of the first libraries of the Fourth Era. It is located in the Shroom Citadel's basement and has a collection mostly based on SwiftLock's donations; notable originals in its possession include all of seanslayer70's transcriptions of Old Worlds-literature and multiple histories by RoboRik, which were largely written during his time in Bibliotheca. The library is openly accessible to anyone, even non-faction members.

History Edit

RoboRik was inspired create to Mushroom while he was absent-mindedly flying through the world, as he usually does when concerning himself with admin matters. Suddenly, he found himself in Divinity's sole giant mushroom biome and the idea of building a home there took a hold of him. Unlike some of his previous builds, the mushroom project seemed pretty feasible. He had gotten rather tired of his previous faction, Scourged, and decided to hand its leadership to his trusted lieutenant dave_craft14. This allowed him to dedicate himself fully to his mushroom home and not much later, he founded the eponymous faction to lay claim to it. This first home would eventually become the Shroom Citadel, the faction's capital building, and the central hub of the Mushroom Village.

Shroom Citadel 2

The Shroom's Citadel's main hall. The building's higher levels are still in use as RoboRik's residence and are not accessible to the public.

Initially, RoboRik was ridiculed for his idea, but people started to warm up to it after a while and Seancfc123 eventually asked whether he could get a mushroom of his own. RoboRik gladly complied and invited him into his faction, claiming the shroom next to the soon-to-be Citadel for him. Not much later, the faction's second house was built and the Mushroom Village born.

Over the coming days, Mushroom slowly expanded as more and more people flocked to its Village. RoboRik, cautious of traitors and keen to preserve the faction's tribal appeal, decided not to appoint any officers and manage the faction entirely by himself, which he has done succesfully to this day.

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