Introduction Edit

DivinityCraft has existed since November 2011 and has thus spawned a six year-long history of conflict, creation and destruction. Of course, a server cannot last on one world for such an amount of time and therefore, the Era-system has been implemented: every year or so, the old world is swapped out for a new one and this has come to be known as a transition of Eras. The First Era lasted the duration of the first world, the Second Era lasted the duration of the second world, et cetera. DivinityCraft is currently in its Fourth Era and has been since August 2016.

The Old Worlds Edit

In the past, it has always been customary to transplant the bases of all active factions into the new world when Eras transitioned. This is how some factions managed to exist through multiple Eras. However, this tradition was discontinued with the inception of the Fourth Era, when it was decided to start with a clean slate for the first time since 2011. Because of this difference, the First, Second and Third Era are sometimes referred to as the 'Old Worlds', with the Fourth being known as the 'New World'.

Most of the Old Worlds are currently inaccessible, but the Third World is available for download here. Parts of the Second World are planned to return for the DivinityCraft-questline and will be made accessible on the server.

The First Era Edit

The First Era commenced on the same day DivinityCraft did: 11 November 2011. The server was founded by Roobster88, Lorgarn and Matfer02, who had become disillusioned with an older server they played on and decided decided to create their own. Because the First Era began and ended so long ago, very little of its history is preserved. However, it is certain that the predecessor of Lordaeron, Imperium, was founded in these days. It is also known that Imperium fought the Dendera War against the eponymous faction during the closing days of this Era.

Although the First Era lacked most of the sophisticated features DivinityCraft has today, there already was a custom world gen with non-standard structures such as towers. One of these towers was preserved in Lordaeron's Khanduras Museum until the very end of the Old Worlds.

The Second Era Edit

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The Fourth Era Edit

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The Fifth Era Edit

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