Introduction Edit

The Library Digitisation Project is a community project to convert all books written on DivinityCraft into wiki-articles. Magistrate SwiftLock is currently tasked with transcribing the lost books of the Old Worlds, but everyone is welcome to help; the Great Library of Remn is available for download here . Please add transcribed books to the list below. Make sure to them to the Books-category and don't forget to use the Book-infobox. Of course, books from the Fourth Era are welcome as well. Good luck!

Transcribed works Edit

  • Title by Writer from the Exampleth Era, transcribed by Transcriber
  • Mein Kampf by Ara_72 from the Second Era, transcribed by Seanslayer
  • Tales of Alba 1 by NikNac94 from the Second Era, transcribed by Seanslayer