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DivinityCraft is a factions-based Minecraft server, blending elements from the RPG- and factions-genres to create a wholly unique experience. You seem to have landed on our official wiki, which is dedicated to all things Divinity: most of our one-of-a-kind mechanics are described here, but perhaps even more interesting is the extensive documentation of our six-year long history. Since the founding of our server in November 2011, four Eras have come to pass with a Fifth still in progress, multiple Great Wars have been fought and many great empires have risen and fallen again. Significant factions in the server's history include Lordaeron, which possessed an almost uninterrupted hegemony during the Second and Third Eras and TheUnion, which unsuccessfully attempted to challenge it during the Third Great War.

We currently run on Spigot 1.12.2 and can be joined via the IP If you stumble upon a subject which you'd like to add to or want to enrich the wiki with a new page, don't hesitate to do so! However, before you begin, give the Conventions-page a read first.

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